Ashish Tyagi, photographerAshish Tyagi, photographer


Our pets can be silly, sometimes very silly.  Are they showing off for us?  Maybe to some degree, but when you watch them with each other or as young'uns with their moms and siblings, you will see that a good deal of silliness comes quite naturally to them.  Many species of wildlife have silly streaks, and some humans interpret these behaviors anthropomorphically.  I supposed we have a little bit of both here, beautifully captured by professional wildlife photographers.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are a tribute to funny and fun wildlife photography; excellent photography comes first, humor second.  Founded by Paul Joynson-Hicks, himself a wildlife photographer, the Awards are a tribute to the sanctity of wildlife, as well as to the wildlife photographer who brings majestic images of these creatures to us.  

Here are 10 of the 1502 entries from 52 countries provided to us by Mr. Joynson-Hicks.  I hope that when these indelible images come to mind in the future, they make you smile.

(Note: These photographs were not titled.  I made every reasonable effort to identify the animals in these photos, but rather than hazard a guess, some of them are not identified.)


1. Dancing Verreaux's Sifica: Alison Buttigieg, Photographer


Dancing Verreaux's Sifaca, Photographer Alison ButtigiegDancing Verreaux's Sifaca, Photographer Alison Buttigieg



 2. Ashish Tyagi, Photographer


Ashish Tyagi, photographerAshish Tyagi, photographer


3.  Axel Kottal, Photographer


Axel Kottal, PhotographerAxel Kottal, Photographer


4.   Oxpecker: Barrie Walsh, Photographer


Oxpecker: Barrie Walsh, PhotographerOxpecker: Barrie Walsh, Photographer


5. Goran Anastasovski, Photographer


Goran Anastasovski, photographerGoran Anastasovski, photographer


6. Janet Miles, Photographer


Janet Miles, photographerJanet Miles, photographer


7.  Cheetah: Jeff Derx, Photographer


Cheetah, Jeff Derx photographerCheetah, Jeff Derx photographer


8. Cheetah: Marc Mol, Photographer


Cheetah, Marc Mol, photographerCheetah, Marc Mol, photographer


9.  Burrowing Owl: Megan Lorenz, Photographer


Borrowing Owl: Megan Lorenz, PhotographerBorrowing Owl: Megan Lorenz, Photographer


10.  Cheetah, Mohammed Alnaser


Cheetah, Mohammed AlnaserCheetah, Mohammed Alnaser


Is it a coincidence that three of the above 10 photographs are cheetahs?  Did you know cheetahs could be so entertaining?  These and more questions may or may not be answered when the winners of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are announced in November.  We'll bring them to you then!


That's the buzz for today!

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