Instructables is like the Holy Grail for any DIY's you may be looking for (and even projects you never even knew you needed in your life). You can type in any topic on the search bar and find dozens of projects and how-to's on the matter. Petslady was feline like getting into something a little catty so we dug through Instructables to find you the best of the best as far as cat DIY's go.




Here are 10 awesome cat DIY's purrfect for any cat lover.

1. Kitty Bow Tie

What's an absolute must for every cat? A bow tie. Okay, maybe not, but with a DIY this easy how can you resist?

Don't know how to sew or just don't want to? Make a bow tie out of duct tape!

2. Cat Keyboard Wrist Rest

Need a warm kitty to rest your wrists on? Well that might be considered animal abuse so we found you the next best thing, a wrist rest you can sew and customize to your liking. Use plain white fabric like this Instructables how-to'er did or try something a little more spiffy.

3. Cat Cupcakes


Got a sweet tooth? Satisfy your hankering for something sugary with the added bonus of cute. These cat face cupcakes are delicious, I kit you not.

4. Grumpy Cat Plush

Who knew Grumpy Cat could be so cute? Adopt your very own Grumpy Cat by making this adorably miserable looking plush yourself!

5. Cat Planter

Complete your crazy cat lady (or gent, crazy doesn't discriminate) look by filling your home with houseplants potted in this insanely adorable DIY cat planter using a soda bottle!

While you're at it, why not amp up the kitty factor and grow some cat grass? There's even an Instructable for that here.

6. Cat Lady Shoes


Add some style to a pair of boring old flats by repurrrposing them with this awesome cat toe shoes DIY.

7. Cat Heating Neckpad

This super cute and easy Instructable is anything BUT a pain in the neck. Try your hand at making this adorable and functional cat shaped heating neckpad.

8. Geo Cat Ears

Be one with your inner kitty cat by making these cool looking geodesic cat ears.

9. Cat Poop Fudge

Freak people out by taking a big bite out of what appears to be cat poop. Using clever ingredients and staging, you get the benefit of a delicious chocolatey treat and some laughs with this cat poop fudge. This Instructable uses Rice Krispies ceral as the litter but I've also seen people use crushed up graham crackers.

This should go without saying but I'm going to anyway, make sure to use a never, ever, ever used (NEVER!) cat litter tray. We like you and want you to keep coming back to us here at Petslady.

10. Photorealistic Pet Handbag

Show your pet off by galavanting around with a purse in the shape of their body. Sounds disturbing but I promise it's very cute. Pet parents love showing unsuspecting people photos of their animals, why not do it in a stylish way? Check this DIY out to find out how.

I don't know about you but I'm definitely giving a couple of these a try because how do you NOT with DIY's these great and simple?