If you're like me, you have to check out something entitled Zombeavers
just because the word looks odd--and in my case, I couldn't believe
that someone is making a movie about zombie beavers.  Either this is a work of sheer genius (I'm talkin; to you FDR: American Badass) or just really bad stuff (you hear me Jaws: The Revenge).  Either way, you may want to
take the kiddies out of the room for this one--there are a few, very well placed bad words.

Gah!!!  I'm tellin' yah, avoid any trip that involves good looking, young people going to a remote cabin.  I dunno if I'd rather face Jason, something I won't give away, or zombie beavers... but all of them point toward that same cabin.  And don't get me going about Evil Dead...

Video posted by epicpicturesgroup on February 6, 2014.

Thanks to my buddy Keith for the head's up!

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