Skamp with ZogoFlex Echo

Skamp Tug-of-War Zogoflex Echo Toy


You may already be familiar with West Paw's Zogoflex line of dog toys. The brand is a favorite of our dogs, and I love it because the company makes eco-friendly toys that match your dog's age, size, and chewing style just perfectly. 

West Paw' chew toys:

  • are all made of 'Zogoflex,' West Paw's proprietary name for the blend of recyclable plastics in its chew toys
  • are all floatable
  • are all made in America, recyclable, and dishwasher safe 
  • are all BPA-and-Phthalate-free, non-toxic and FDA compliant, and
  • each toy has its own personality!


West Paw has introduced the newest line of chew toys for dogs. It's for large dogs who love to chew but can't use the very toughest of chew toys. This Zogoflex Echo™line is a winner if you have a large breed puppy that has not developed her full chewing strength or an older dog who loves to chew but doesn't have the dental or jaw strength of a younger dog.The secret to the Echo line is that the outside of these toys are chewy, but the inside is hollow. This creates a delightfully springy feel!

Here is the Skamp™, one of three toys in the Echo line....



The Scamp comes in three colors: Melon, as seen above, Eggplant (purple), and Jungle Green. 


The other toys in Zogoflex's Echo line (made just like the Skamp), are the Zwig Squeezy...


Zogoflex Echo Zwig Squeezy

Zogoflex Echo Zwig Squeezy


...and the Rando Squeezy in large and small!


Zogoflex Echo Rando Squeezy

Zogoflex Echo Zwig Squeezy


Pick one or all! You can trust West Paw to deliver exactly what dogs loves. If the Echo toys are not right for your dog, check out the rest of the Zogoflex line here: 8+ Zogoflex® Dog Fetch, Puzzle, And Chew Toys For All Strengths Of Chewers


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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