ZuPreem Bird Nutrition Plan


The 2019 Pet Independent Innovation Award for Best Bird Food went to a company that doesn't believe in an all-seed diet for pet birds. Let's see why and what foods ZuPreem offers instead....

ZuPreem's Feed Smart Nutrition Plan consists of three different kinds of food for birds, what the company calls Essential NutritionEnrichment Foods, and Rewards. To me, all their food looks rewarding, especially when compared to what most pet birds are currently eating!

The rationale behind the company's FeedSmart™ Nutrition Plan, is that an all-seed diet does not provide all the nutrition a bird needs. Avian veterinarian Dr. Laura Hess writes that feeding a seed-only diet is "equivalent to us eating junk food at every meal."

Well, I guess if she puts it like that, we bird owners should listen up.



So, this nutrient-rich pellet diet is the feeding plan that ZuPreem recommends, and thousands of reviewers have testified to the benefits to their birds!


The ZuPreem FeedSmart Nutrition Plan


1. 60 percent Zupreem "Essential Nutrition™" Bird Foods

ZuPreem recommends a diet of 60 percent Essential Nutrition foods which ZuPreem makes for all sizes of pet birds. Though there are photos of larger birds on the packaging below, there are other Essential Nutrition foods at this link that are specifically for canaries, finches, parakeets and other small birds. 


ZuPreem Essential Nutrition Food For Birds

ZuPreem Essential Nutrition Bird Foods


ZuPreem Essential Nutrition bird foods contain your bird's daily nutritional needs with a balance of vitamins and minerals added. The foods contain natural flavors and coloring that look and taste like real foods, but they all contain your bird's essential ingredients for a healthy diet in a digestable form. It should be fed to your bird daily and should account for 60 percent of your bird's diet.

Recognizing that transition from a seed diet to a pellet diet is not an easy task (but it's worthwhile!), here are a few methods to convert your bird baby to a pellet diet:


Tough Love Method



Slow And Steady Method



2. 30 Percent ZuPreem Sensible Seed® and Pure Fun®


Zupreem Sensible Seed

ZuPreem Sensible Seed


From small birds to large, your buddies will get to eat seed, but healthy seeds mixed with fruit and nuts. Compare the seeds you are feeding your birds now to the Sensible Seed. Does it look like this seed for medium (cockateil size) birds?


Zupreem Sensible Seed

ZuPreem Sensible Seed for medium birds


ZuPreem Sensible Seed should account for 30 percent of your bird's weekly diet. The appropriate size for your bird can be found here.

You can alternate Pure Fun®, available for small to large birds, with Sensible Seed as part of the ZuPreem FeedSmart Nutrition Plan, or just give your bird her favorite of the two to meet 30 percent of the nutrition plan.

Oh, are my birds going to have fun!


ZuPreem Pure Fun bird food

ZuPreem Pure Fun


Here's what your conure's food would look like:

ZuPreem Pure Fun

ZuPreem Pure Fun


I have to admit, that does look like pure fun!


3. 10 Percent ZuPreem Real Rewards®


Zupreem Real Rewards

ZuPreem Real Rewards


If you didn't think the 60 percent and the 30 percent choices were exciting enough for your birds, the Real Rewards are to die for, right? These are pure foods - fruits, nuts, and veggies - for really special treats, like a reward for kisses. Choices are Orchard MixTropical MixTrail Mix, and Garden Mix.


Birds are really special pets. Though the ZuPreem FeedSmart Nutrition Plan foods are more expensive than a bird seed diet, customers say it's well worth the price of keeping their birds healthy and happy!


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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