Weddings are something that most girls dream of from the time they are
small. Weddings are also something that can be tremendously stuffy. Why
not inject a little unexpected humor into your reception with a Bride
and Groom Rubber Duckies. It will be a way to quack up your guests!

 Bride and Groom Rubber DuckiesBride and Groom Rubber Duckies

One person who chose to use these adorable duckies was getting married next to a pond and had decided to float an entire fleet of rubber duckies there. These duckies tied the whole thing together.  They would also be perfect for people who met at a rubber ducky race, or just for animal lovers in general. The duckies are reportedly even cuter than they appear in the photo.

Of course, these don't need to be used at the wedding. They can also be fun decorations for the wedding shower. Either way they will make a fun and charming memento of the big day.

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