K&H Pet Cooling Canopy

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Shielded from the sun above and the hot pavement below, your dog will enjoy these great outdoor lounges with canopies.


K&H Outdoor Pet Cots and Canopies

K&H Pet Products has designed one ingenious canopy that fits each style of its outdoor pet cots. They are easy to set up, light weight, and definitely portable (hint: camping trips!)


K&H Pet Cot Canopy

Like the K&H Pet Cots below, the Pet Cot Canopy comes in small, medium and large.


​  K&H Pet Cot Canopy

K&H Pet Cot Canopy (small)


Used on one of K&H pet cots, the Cot Canopy is easy to mount on the platform.  The canopy form fits into slots on the tops of the cot legs. Once the material is placed over the metal form, it attaches underneath each leg with bungee cords.


K&H Pet Canopy


K&H Pet Canopy


The canopies come in tan, as shown above, and light gray (below). You can purchase one that matches the Pet Cot you choose.


K&H Pet Cot Canopy

K&H Pet Cot Canopy (large)



K&H Pet Cots are perfect for outdoors. Although they can be used indoors, as well, there are two models in particular that will provide outdoor cooling for your pet.

K&H Original Cot Elevated Pet Bed

The Original Elevated Pet Bed has a breathable mesh center. Shown below, it comes in small (17" x 22" x 7"), medium (25" x 32" x 7"), and large (30" x 42" x 7") in shades of tan or gray. These are strong, holding up to 150 pounds. They have solid rubber feet that keep the bed from skidding.


K&H Original Elevated Pet Bed

Original Cot Elevated Pet Bed


The K&H Pet Cots are also easy to put together....



If you need to replace the mesh mat, no problem: you can just purchase the mat without the frame! And don't forget that the K&H Pet Canopy fits the Original Pet Cot perfectly.


K&H Cooling Pet Cot, Elevated Pet Bed

This bed actually has a cooling pad in the center. It comes in medium (25" x 32" x 7"), and large (30" x 42" x 7"), and you can purchase the mat separately on Amazon, so it can be interchanged with the mesh mat shown above, if you like.


K&H Cooling Pet Cot

K&H Cooling Pet Cot, Elevated Pet Bed


This video shows you how to get the Cooling Pet Cot ready for your pet:



Whatever your plans are this summer, your pets have to stay cool, and the K&H products listed above are great ways to do it and they're very versatile too!


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