There are people in the world who are into all things fish. They range
from sports fishermen to aquarium enthusiasts. They have fish items and
art around the house. It seems a bit much, but wait a second! There is
one more place to add fish -- the dining table. It's not food -- it's . .
. flatware? Yep! It's the Gone Fishin' 5-Piece Place Setting!

 Gone Fishin' 5-Piece Place SettingGone Fishin' 5-Piece Place Setting

If you think there is something fishy going on here you are right. No trout about it. This flatware pattern is both elegant and whimsical with tails and dorsal fins. These eating utensils even have eyes, and the spoons have a mouth. It's totally wild (as opposed to farmed).

Gone Fishin' 5-Piece Place SettingGone Fishin' 5-Piece Place Setting

The set is the perfect wedding gift for a couple of fishy friends who are swimming upstream to the altar. You won't be floundering around for the right gift. No squidding around here and I don't mean to carp on it, but this Gone Fishin' 5-Piece Place Setting is fin-tastic! To order, click here.

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