iTouchless Automatic Bathroom Sink Faucet

iTouchless EZ Faucet Automatic Sink Faucet


Automatic water faucets are great water savers. They don't turn on until your proximity motivates their sensors. That's a good enough motivation to install them.

But when your cat senses you have a water sensor... Wow! You are the best mom or dad in the world! (If you don't think so, just check out the number of YouTube videos that show cats drinking water from a sink!)

As a cat parent, you are quite familiar with kitty sensitivities when it comes to water. A bowl of water is never good enough. Water has to be running, either from a fountain, a sink, or a toilet. Actually cats will drink from toilets, even if they are not running. (sigh)

Water is very important for your cat. According to veterinarian Jason Nicholas at Preventive Vet, your cat should have between 2.5 and 4.5 ounces of water per 5 pounds of body weight every day. If you feed your cat a wet food diet, he may be getting some of that moisture through his food daily. But what about the rest?

Unfortunately, many cats will not drink from their water bowls. They don't like standing water. But running water? It's a cat magnet! So why not try one of these touchless water fountains for your kitchen or bathroom sink?


iTouchless EZ Faucet Automatic Sink Faucet, Touchless Cat/Dog Water Fountain for Sink


iTouchless Automatic Bathroom Sink Faucet

EZ Faucet Automatic Bathroom Sink Faucet


Of course, you are not just installing a touchless sink faucet for your cat; everyone will love the iTouchless Automatic Bathroom Sink Faucet. It is easy to install, and the tools you need are all included. But, if you don't want to be bothered with the installation, Amazon will send an installation specialist at a reasonable cost.


iTouchless Automatic Bathroom Sink Faucet


The EZ Faucet comes in chrome and fits all standard sinks like those below:


iTouchless Automatic Bathroom Sink Faucet

iTouchless EZ Faucet Automatic Bathroom Sink Faucet


The EZ Faucet is one of several automatic sink faucets that any cat would love. Asani is another popular automatic faucet. Here are more for your consideration.



Most of the water we drink is bad. Much of the bottled water we buy is found to be tap water in a bottle, or contains contaminants from the bottles themselves, or has arsenic in it.

The way I see it, the iTouchless, as well as other automatic sink faucets make an important contribution to water conservation, so there is a rationale for purchasing them in addition to being attractive to your cat. I have not found an automatic faucet for your home, however, that distributes filtered water, and the automatic kitchen and bathroom faucets don't work with filtered water faucets that are made for home use. So, I recommend the EZ Faucet and Asani only if you live in one of the top 25 'clean water' cities, or have access to legitimate studies that report your water is safe.

Otherwise, for now, I think it's more important to use a filtering water bowl which I have covered previously.

Here are links to the top water-filtering pet water bowls we've reviewed:

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