This is one pet door I wish I had designed. If you want your pets to have the freedom to come and go without you having to carve out your doors, you need the Dog Screen Door!


Dog Screen Door

Dog Screen Door


No saw, no hammer, no screws or nails are needed! Simple to install all by yourself, the Dog Screen Door hangs from a tension rod that you place between the sides of your door frame at the top. Cling strips attach to the sides of the door frame, and the screen's weighted bottom keep the sides of the screen from flying open, as do the strategically placed magnetic closures in the center and bottom of the screen.

So Buddy or Kitty can pass through the finely woven fiberglass mesh without having to squish his body through a hole. See photo of "Paji" above.

The fine mesh screen keeps out bugs, don't worry.

Customers are really thrilled with the Dog Screen Door, citing that it's

  • easier for their pets to learn how to use the door
  • easier to install
  • less expensive than a traditional pet door
  • well-made
  • you can hang it wherever you want; and
  • it's movable!


Check out the Dog Screen Door at In The Company Of Dogs.

That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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