Are squirrels the nemeses of your backyard birds? Mine are constantly invaded by doves. But no worries: Squirrel Busters make them both go away.


Squirrel Buster



The sparrows and finches just hatched their young and are introducing them to the feeders on our porch. Likewise, the mourning doves and our, until now, single pair of Eurasian doves have birthed their offspring too.  Guess who's taking over the communal feeder?

Watch what happens when just one Eurasian dove lands in a communal bird feeder:



So, first the Eurasian doves and their kids hit the feeder. Then, the not-so-small-either mourning doves aggressively compete with each other for the center spot in the feeder so they can hog the most food.

If you don't have doves in your yard, this is what they look like in a communal feeder: not much room for the finches and sparrows. They even compete successfully with Cowbirds.



Cornell University Lab feeders

Mourning doves


The only bird that can move the doves out of the feeder, just by its presence on the scene, is the Scrub jay mom, who no bird will mess with! She'll grab 10 or so dried mealworms from the tray and then take off. If the Black Phoebe mom can grab the jay's leftovers, she will, unless the doves are around.

I'm finally realizing that the finches and sparrows can no longer be fed from the communal bird feeder. Doves breed all year round, and I think they have a plan to take over the whole show, except for the hummingbird feeders and the Squirrel Buster, my saving grace small bird only feeder.


Squirrel Buster, Standard size

Squirrel Buster, Standard


The Squirrel Buster not only keeps squirrels away, it keeps the big bad doves away too!  When a squirrel or a dove, or any heavy critter lands on a perch, the feed ports close! The factory setting has a 4 ounce limit, but YOU CAN SET THE WEIGHT LIMITS YOURSELF to any specification. No, you don't actually weigh the birds; you just keep re-adjusting the weight limit until you are excluding the birds you want, or you can Google the average weights. (A full-grown dove weighs 4-6 ounces.)

Watch how it works:



My own Squirrel Buster has four perches like the one above, but since I have more small birds to feed now that the doves have taken over the communal feeder, I'm going to add the Squirrel Buster Plus to my feeder collection; it has 6 portals for birds to feed.


Squirrel Buster Bird Feeder

Squirrel Buster Plus


Though you can hang the Squirrel Buster from a hook on a porch eaves, the manufacturer, Brome, makes a Squirrel Buster Pole Adapter that enables you to hang your Squirrel Buster on a pole placed in the ground. (This will keep your porch clean, anyway.)


Squirrel Buster Pole Adapter

Squirrel Buster Pole Adapter (pole not included)



If you want to keep the large birds coming to your feeder along with the small birds, the Squirrel Buster has a fabulous product called the Seed Buster Seed Tray & Seed Catcher! Actually the seed catcher becomes the seed feeder for the larger birds, as the smaller birds can eat from the Squirrel Buster itself, if they choose.


Squirrel Catcher Seed Tray & Seed Catcher

Seed Buster Seed Tray & Seed Catcher


This is how the whole set looks if you get a Squirrel Buster (which comes in Mini, Standard, and Plus) feeder, a 1 inch pole (here is something you might like to help steady the pole), a Squirrel Buster Pole Adapter, and a Seed Buster Seed Tray & Seed CatcherBazinga!


Squirrel Buster setup


Brome makes several Squirrel (and large bird) Busters and adaptations for them. Its products come with a lifetime guarantee; just register them! And don't get nervous about them; if you don't know how to install them, there are plenty of how-to videos on the Brome website.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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