Bees drinking water from stream

Honeybees drink from a stream (source)


Honeybees need water, especially clean water. Water is necessary to cool their bodies in the heat, to digest their food, to humidify their hives, to help nurse their larvae, and to de-crystalize their honey. (via) A beekeeper would likely give you even more reasons why water is necessary for bee survival.

Bees will fly into your birdbaths or hummingbird feeders or swimming pool, but none of these sources provide clean water. And besides, bees could drown in them. (Yes, I have found dead bees even in my hummingbird feeders.) So your challenge, if you care about bees, and you should because humanity depends on them thriving... you should try to get them some clean water - just for them.

The K&H Pet Products   Honeybee Waterer is perfect for supplying water to honeybees.


K&H Pet Products Honeybee Waterer

K&H Pet Products Honeybee Waterer


The K&H Honeybee Waterer has both a large water pitcher - 2.5 gallons! - and a drinking base for honeybees. Total dimensions are 15" (height) x 16" (diameter) big enough for your whole hive! And it's really easy for you clean, every time your refill. All parts of the Honeybee Waterer should be washed and rinsed thoroughly before filling with pure water for the bees.

The base, shown below, is a bright yellow so the bees can't miss it!


K&H Honeybee Waterer


The drinking well, seen above, houses a strip of foam that encircles the inside of the well, providing a porous surface so the bees can take their drinks but are safe from drowning. (Ingenious, right?) If you notice the bees in the photo at the top, you will see that they use the rocks for a 'perch.'



K&H Honeybee Waterer

K&H Honeybee Waterer


Fill the Honeybee Waterer with clean drinking water and place it near your hive, if you have one, or wherever bees hang out in your yard or on your terrace. You'll be doing bee-kind and mankind a big favor. (If this item is out of stock, do pre-order it. The pricing is very good on Amazon.)

For your moment of Zen* today, watch this beautiful slow motion video of bees drinking water from a stream.




That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


"your moment of Zen"


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