Even though we are currently sweltering through the dog days of summer the colder months are on their way. Chances are that when that happens you are going to want to kick up your feet and relax in front of the fire, the television, or your pad, pod, or Kindle. Do so comfortably with this wonderful Moose Ride-On Footstool.

Moose Ride-On Footstool
Moose Ride-On Footstool

This funky footstool has a durable wooden frame covered with plush so that when you aren't kickin' back your kids or grandkids can ride the moose on many a grand imaginary adventure. Since it can hold up to 400 pounds there is no limit to how old the "kid" can be. Have fun telling little ones that the antlers are for steering.

To order a a Moose Ride-On Footstool, click here.

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