Yogi, the Golden Retriever, ran for help when his owner's bike hit an unexpected curb, causing him to flip over the handlebars and suffer a life-altering head injury. Read this amazing tale of animal rescue.

It Happened In Austin, Texas

Paul Horton always had a special bond with his six-year-old Golden Retriever, Yogi. One October afternoon a few years ago, that connection deepened. An avid lover of the outdoors, Horton climbed onto his mountain bike and took off through his neighborhood near Lake Travis, with Yogi following behind to keep him company. Horton had traveled down the same two-mile route that would take hm through suburban roads and across narrow wooded trails every morning for the last few years without incident. (See: Black Lab Saves Mountain Climbers.)

And then it happened. Approaching the same 9-inch curb where the trail meets the pavement that he had jumped so many times before, this time the bike's front wheel rammed against the curb, and Horton, who wasn't wearing a helmet, slammed head first into the pavement. He did not know how long he laid there unconscious, but when he came to he was lying on the ground about a half a mile from his home. Yogi was by his side, and as Horton attempted to stand up, he realized that he could not. He was also having trouble breathing. (See: Two Labs Save Florida Woman From Stroke.)


Hero Yogi
Photo: Wide Open Pets

Paul Horton Knew He Was In Serious Trouble

 He instructed Yogi to go get his wife, Sharon, because he knew the command, "go get" was familiar to the dog. He spoke the phrase slowly over and over because he knew the dog would understand. At first, Yogi hesitated because he did not want to leave his owner's side. Paul eventually convinced the dog to go after about 45 minutes, and he ran off in the direction of home. Paul's neighbors, Bruce and Maggie Tate, were on a morning walk when they saw Yogi running loose down the street. The dog that they knew to be so calm and obedient was frantically darting toward and away from them, seeming to beg them to follow, which they did. Yogi led them back to where Paul lay and rushed toward his stricken owner, panting hard and nuzzling him. (See: Binky The Cat Bites Burglar And Saves Family.)

The wait had been agonizing for Paul who was finding it harder and harder to breathe. He was rushed to St. David's Round Rock Medical Center, where he received emergency surgery on his spine. Soon after, he was transferred to St. David's Rehabilitation Hospital where his first two visitors were his wife, Sharon and Yogi. (See: Kelsey The Hero Retriever Keeps Owner From Freezing To Death.)

A Wheelchair And A New Way Of Life

As Paul adjusts to his new life in a wheelchair, Yogi is a constant companion. He has regained some movement in his arms and hands, and went scuba diving with a group of paraplegic divers. Yogi is even more devoted to Paul since the accident, and according to Horton: "He's my watchdog and my hero." (See: Pit Bull Rescues Baby From Fire.)

Good job, Yogi!

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Source: Wide Open Pets