When you were a toddler chances are that you went through a period time when you were in love with your "blankie." These days winter can make your adult self miss those days as you curl up to watch a movie, or even when you are crunched up at the computer for work. Right about then is when you could fall in love with a cute and warm Koala Flannel Throw.

Koala Flannel Throw
Koala Flannel Throw -- White

Choose from two different koala designs -- one with white flowers, one with pink. Just choose which one works best for you. Both are made from 100% polyester to be hypoallergenic and super soft.

Koala Flannel Throw
Koala Flannel Throw -- Pink

Both also come in three different sizes so that you can choose the side that will wrap you with warmth and comfort. Just don't start dragging it with you everywhere like you did as a toddler. People will stare. People will judge.

To order a Koala Flannel Throw with white flowers, click here. With pink flowers, click here.

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