A cat caught on camera rapping the knocker on its owner's front door may be the world's most polite feline.

World's Politest Cat Knocks On The Door Before Entering

“Knock-knock... who's there?” “It's me, your cat, open up!” While the second part of that exchange won't be heard anytime soon, at least one clever kitty has figured out the function of his home's front door knocker... and they've become quite the famous “rap” artist!

According to the Liverpool Echo, 26-year-old Dan Richardson was driving through the town of Bootle when he pulled over to adjust his car's SatNav system. It was then that he noticed a cat at a nearby house climb onto a storage bin, stand up on its hind legs, reach out to the front door's metal knocker with its paw, and give it a few resounding raps.

World's Politest Cat Knocks On The Door Before Entering

The cat then sat down on the bin, presumably waiting for his owner to open the door. There was no response from inside the home so, incredibly, the cat began to repeat its rapping routine – only this time, Richardson had the forethought to record the unlikely event. “I was in my car and I caught a glimpse of it happening,” recounted Richardson, a data analyst who resides in Manchester.

“Then I watched and the cat started to climb up the door again so I whipped out my phone to record it. I looked and wondered if that had just really happened - I was baffled. It is not something you see everyday.” Richardson posted the resulting 30-second video on social media where it's been viewed over 300,000 times to date. He does have one small regret, however, stating “It would have only made it better if someone came out to let it in.”