A Siberian seller of truly vintage clothing wants a cool ten grand for a one-of-a-kind, certified authentic, 'scratchy but not smelly' cap woven from prehistoric woolly mammoth wool.

World's Only Mammoth Wool Hat

Majestic woolly mammoths thrived in ice-age Siberia tens of thousands of years ago, so you'd better believe their hair packs some potent insulating qualities. If only there were hats woven from mammoth wool... and there are! OK, there's ONE, but you'd best act fast before someone else with $10,000 to spend snaps it up!

The “ice cap” in question was commissioned by Vladimir Ammosov (above), a 44-year-old builder from Yakutsk, Siberia. Ammosov bought a bag of mammoth hair from a relative who was scrounging a so-called “woolly mammoth graveyard”. Not exactly a noble pursuit but hey, it's Russia.

World's Only Mammoth Wool Hat

“I kept looking at the bag, wondering what to do with the hair, and then thought why not to try and make a hat?,” explained Ammosov to The Siberian Times. “In Yakutia, we make traditional round hats of horse hair, so why not to try and use mammoth hair and to create something truly unique?”

Ammosov brought his bag of mammoth wool to a specialty hat-maker, who crocheted the round, cloche-type cap seen in these images. Before putting the hat on sale, however, Ammosov called in Semyon Grigoryev, director of Yakutia's Mammoth Museum, to confirm the yarn was really mammoth wool – and not just some tall tail.     

World's Only Mammoth Wool Hat

Grigoryev was impressed, to say the least. “This was the prickliest hat I have ever worn,” he stated. “It is completely odorless but unlike, say, bisons, woolly mammoths had really rough hair. Wearing the hat felt like I was having a head massage.”

The museum director was only too happy to sign and stamp the unique Certificate of Authenticity shown above... possibly for a percentage of the sale proceeds. Speaking of which, our source doesn't indicate where or how bids for the time-worn tusker toupee may be placed. Maybe it's just as well, you're not getting it through customs by hiding it in the trunk.