Nutmeg, a British tabby thought to be the world's oldest cat, has coughed up his last hairball at the astonishing age of 32.  

World's Oldest Cat 'Nutmeg' Off To Scratch Up The Pearly Gates

The spice of life no longer proved intoxicating for poor old Nutmeg, and by all appearances the grizzled feline was ready to shuffle off this mortal coil. Seriously, look at that puss: there's a cat who's seen some stuff in his time, or should we say, his “thyme” (sorry, couldn't resist).

Nutmeg's impressive longevity (32 years for cats is like 144 years for humans!) was a tribute to the care provided him by his owners, Liz and Ian Finlay of Blaydon, a small town in northeastern England. The Finlays adopted Nutmeg in 1990 when, according to Cat Protection, he was roughly 5 years old.   

World's Oldest Cat 'Nutmeg' Off To Scratch Up The Pearly Gates

The photo above was taken last year by Westway Vets on what was thought to be Nutmeg's 31st birthday. The local Westway Veterinary Group branch was quite familiar with Nutmeg, having providing him with lifesaving treatment in 2015 after he had suffered a stroke.

Even the best proactive and reactive treatment can't stop Father Time, however, and  Nutmeg finally gave up the ghost after his vintage heart finally gave out. Every cloud has its silver lining, however: the former second-oldest cat in the world just got a promotion. (via METRO and Westway Vets)