World’s First-Ever Radio Station For Our Pets?

Yes, we’re talking radio station, not television! Many pet owners believe they can communicate with their pets in a way that makes them feel special. My pet grey-cheeked conure for instance, not only seems elated when I start a dialogue with him, he gets just as excited when someone new approaches his cage and starts up a conversation. But that’s because he can also see those he’s communicating with. With radio, it’s just a voice, with no accompanying visual cues.

Pet Whisperer/Radio Jock

British TV host-turned-animal whisperer Noel Edmonds not only thinks he has the chops to 'talk to the animals,' he’s also about to prove it when he launches the world’s first-ever radio station, exclusively for our “animal chums.”

The program, called ‘Positivity Pets,’ is set to launch as part of Edmonds’ Positivity Radio World, an Internet radio group broadcasting only “positive” content for pets and their human masters. The concept piggybacks off of Edmonds’ recently-launched Phone A Pet service, in which he offers to call any pet in need of a pep talk and offer “positive words of appreciation and motivation.”

“Where would we be without our pets?” Edmonds writes on his website. “Well the answer is – pretty miserable. So I want to make these precious chums feel important and appreciated. It’s amazing how a simple brief phone call can pick up the spirits of the most dejected hamster, the most stressed goldfish and the most neurotic cat.”

Lost the Plot?

So getting back to the original question I proposed: Can audible sounds be engaging and gratifying if they are not accompanied by visuals? Will our pets feel that Mr. Edmonds is speaking directly to them, or will his messaging just get lost in the cacophony of sounds our pets are subjected to during the course of their day?

Mail Online contributors Dan Cain and Rebecca Davison was just as puzzled. So much so, they asked Edmonds if “he had lost the plot?

The television presenter, 67, admits he's never been conventional, telling Cain and Davison: “What plot? Someone accused me of having 'gone off the rails,' but I’ve never been on them, hence the success and happiness I enjoy on a daily basis.”

“I always have a giggle. Too many people take the living experience too seriously. What's the point of life if we can’t be positive, have fun and make the world a better place?” added Edmonds.

Supporting his thesis, Edmonds will not be the only one talking to our pets. Built into his format, Edmonds will be including the familiar voices of pet masters to address their pets directly from the online show.

“I’m inviting pet lovers to send in their audio messages for their loved ones and we will broadcast them plus music requests and "special relaxing tones" for pets left at home alone,” says Edmonds.

While social media commentators have weighed in with a lot of humorous push-back pertaining to his idea — one has to ask if Edmonds is really on to something — or if he indeed has fallen off the rails? Your thoughts, readers?