A very chill bald eagle was caught cooling its heels aboard a titanic iceberg off the coast of Newfoundland.  

World's Coolest Bald Eagle Hitches Ride On Enormous Iceberg

We've heard of taking a slow boat to China but for a bald eagle with plenty of time on its talons, there's no better way to travel than by taking a cruise on a majestic iceberg! Twitter member @earthspace101 recorded the solitary passenger – from a safe distance, mind you – during the annual procession of icebergs that brings tourists (not to mention wildlife) flocking to Newfoundland.

You gotta hand it to our egalitarian eagle, this is really THE only way to cruise in the Age of Coronavirus: no crew, no fellow passengers, no buffet, and not a single Disney mascot to be seen. Where do we sign up?   

World's Coolest Bald Eagle Hitches Ride On Enormous Iceberg

Speaking of buffets, there's definitely some method to the eagle-eyed stowaway's madness. That lofty perch gives the feathered predator a... how shall we put this... oh yeah! A bird's eye view of the fish-filled ocean waters all around. Some of those fish may well be perch – ocean perch (Sebastes norvegicus), to be exact.

That being the case, it's just a matter of time before the winged one lifts off that naturally white nemesis of vessels named “Titanic” and gets busy doing er, eagle stuff. Kudos to @earthspace101 for their timely meet-up, and for posting video both at their Twitter account and on YouTube where the full version may be viewed. (via The Weather Network)