special needs does not equal disposable
Different is not disposable  (image via Lou Robinson on FB)

When the Muppets first sang the words “one of these things is not like the others” the intimation was never that that “thing” was not good or valuable in its own right, just that it was somehow different. An animal rescue worker outside of Houston has expanded on that observation to note that “different is not disposable,” just in case you missed that part of the lesson on Sesame Street, and her poignant words have struck a chord that hopefully will become a movement of sorts.

Nubby the Rescue Dog

In our society we value newness, youth, inclusion and aesthetic beauty above all else, yet we are raised to value uniqueness, individualism and the ability to get things done. The latter of those words pretty much describe a two-legged boxer puppy named Nubby who was born with stubs where his front legs would have been. Initially told Nubby should be put down, Lou Robinson, the special needs pup’s adoptive mom, said “no” and brought the dog home instead. She and Nubby had other thoughts on life.


special needs animals function normally
Nubby napping with his adoptive dad  (image via Lou Robinson on FB)

Warriors Educate About Rescue

Robinson is not only an animal rescuer but the founder of Warriors Educate About Rescue, a non-profit group that instructs the public on ways to care for rescue animals with compassion. While Nubby initially had trouble fending for himself among his pushy siblings, with the help of Robinson and her husband he has learned to overcome. Like so many animals born with a birth defect, Nubby doesn’t have a clue that he’s different and doesn’t know any other way to live. He just lives, period, and he seems pretty darn happy about it.

Different is Not Disposable

Because the lively and adorable dog is still growing, it will be a while before veterinarians can consider fitting him for prosthetics or some type of wheels to aid in his mobility, but many dogs manage on two legs and it may never come to that. Nubby and the Robinsons will just have to wait and see. In the meantime, however, there is one thing that Robinson is adamant about, and that is that “different is not disposable.” You don’t automatically get rid of something because it’s not the same as the others.

There is a lesson to be learned from that, just ask Ernie and Bert about it. We don’t live in a one-size-fits-all world, and if the Muppets wouldn’t dismiss something or someone just because it/they were different, why should we?