The biblical patriarch Joseph's coat of many colors was pleasing to the eye, now a Philadelphia entrepreneur's got a coat that soothes the ear. What's the catch? The Woofer™ may play your favorite tunes but it's designed to be worn by your dog. Inventor, entrepreneur and pet-lover Matthew Baron (above) drew upon years of previous experience in pet actor casting, marketing and general audio tinkering to create The Woofer™, and the result is – dare we say it – music to his ears. Check out the official YouTube video on The Woofer™ here.

“What's really interesting is to see how other dogs respond to it at the dog park,” explains Baron, who's been there and done just that. “They become the leader of the pack.” Cue harmonies from The Shangri-La's and some motorcycle revving, stat!

Don't be fooled, The Woofer™ is much more than just a gimmick. Baron was sure to have his invention certified by veterinary specialist Dr. Stephen Meister for dogs weighing 20 pounds or more. Great care is taken to ensure the vests themselves are both comfortable and durable – yes, it's waterproof and double-yes, it allows full freedom of movement when dogs do that doo-doo that they do so well.

Though down-to-earth concerns were addressed and dealt with during the design process, Baron found he was in uncharted waters when it came to spec'ing the tech. “There was no audio tech for animals so I had to develop it over the years,” states Baron. “The tech in the coat is an amplifier that I build. I make them to maximize the outdoor sound, play them in stereo and remain safe from overheating. The connections are gold, the wires are Teflon and the speakers are reinforced to take any dog abuses.”

The Woofer™ comes in three sizes covering (literally) dogs weighing from 20 to 100 pounds and they cost $100, $110 and $120 respectively. It's a handy, all-in-one way to keep your dog warm while you enjoy your fave tunes unemcumbered by earbuds... though if you play Jingle Dogs in public, all bets are off.