The Woody Jack dog chew toy has the appearance of weathered wood but its TPR plastic construction makes it safe, pliant and durable.

Woody Jack Dog Chew Toy Barks Right Back

You've gotta love Woody Jack's goofy expression but it's much more than just a pretty goofy face. It starts with the naturalistic look of weathered wood, then branches (pun intended) out to ape the 3D body plan of those coastal concrete tetrapods. Any way it sits, multiple prongs pop up to afford your pet an easy grab.

Woody Jack is made from non-toxic TPR polymer plastic, renowned for its ability to deform under stress and spring back to its original shape. These are ideal qualities for a chew toy... we don't want our pets gnawing off and swallowing bits and pieces, now do we?   

Woody Jack Dog Chew Toy Barks Right Back

The Woody Jack dog chew toy does double duty as a stress releaser and a gum massager. It's available in Small, Medium and Large sizes measuring 10cm, 15cm and 18cm (roughly 4”, 6” and 7”) wide and weighing 50gm, 155gm and 265gm (about 1.75oz, 5.5oz and 9.3oz), respectively.

Dog chew toys in general come in just about any size, shape and color but Woody Jack embodies an enviable combination of style, safety and practicality. For more information and ordering instructions, please visit the Japanese language product page at Doctor's Advice Peppy.