WanderWoof: Walk, Wag & Wander With Your Woof-maker

With the popularity of human wearables increasing daily, it had to happen. Today tech and exercise go hand-in-hand, and it was just a matter or time that this market would start addressing the needs of dog owners. WonderWoof is a connected accessory for all those technocrats who now want to gather data on their pets.  CEO, Betsy Fore originated the idea when seeking a solution for her dog being overweight: “I have an activity tracker for myself, why not get one for my dog?"

With a focus on health, this is an app that considers our dogs’ emotional state to be just as important as their physical well being. In so doing — with a built-in GPS social feature  — it’s also a match-maker of sorts that connects dogs with their fellow brethren and pet owners with other pet owners.


Similar to a FitBit, a tool that interfaces with the app is a stylish looking neck accessory aptly called the “BowTie,” which attaches itself to the dog’s collar.  Fore invented the device to monitor a dog’s activity based on its size, age and breed.

The BowTie is offered in multiple colors and wirelessly pairs up with their master's app. This allows each pet owner to set goals and then track the amount of exercise that's required to meet those benchmarks.

It’s also a device to monitor their dog’s activities when they're taking their daily strolls with their dog walkers. In those instances, they’re equivalent to a ‘nanny cam.’

Ever wonder what your dog does all day while you are at work? A quick glance at the app allows you see how much exercise your dog is getting while you’re away from home. It even has reminders for medical, grooming and feeding times.

After a dog owner enters his or her dog’s stats (name, age, weight ad breed), the WonderWoof  then calculates their workouts. The amount is determined by breed, as every breed requires different amounts of exercise. So for instance, if your dog requires 1 hour and 30 minutes of activity a day, this could be a combination of walking, jumping, climbing stairs or just fetching a ball.

While the app is free for iOS and Google Androids, the BowTies sell on WonderWoof’s online store for $65 USD.

Key Features include:

- Track exercise progress and goals.
- Make friends with our map-based social network.
- Set reminders for medical, grooming, food, walks and playtime.
- Add multiple caretakers and dogs.
- Help determined dog’s earn badges for all their achievements.

Primary Source: WanderWoof