woman mistakes baby rattlesnake for dog toy on YouTube video
Carla Rosso right before making her escape


If you have pets, you’ve probably mistaken their toys for something else and vice versa on a number of occasions. It’s not that hard to do, especially from a distance. Usually the mistakes are benign and often even laughable, but they’re seldom dangerous. When they are, though, and they make you perform a spastic dance accompanied by a herky-jerky 30-yard dash, they’re best caught on film. Just ask Carla Rosso’s husband, Ariel.


It seems a few evenings ago Carla Rosso was in her backyard after getting out of the couple’s hot tub when she went to retrieve what she believed to be her dog’s rope toy. The thing is, it wasn’t. While long and rope-like, it actually turned out to be a baby rattlesnake. But Carla didn’t know that until she tried to pick the snake up. That’s when she received the surprise of her life — and the fun began. At least for Ariel, that is, and that was after he played the security tapes trained on the area Carla’s encounter and subsequent getaway occurred.

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And what a getaway it was. In fact, it was so funny Ariel felt it merited posting online. After you see the footage, you’ll probably agree. When posting the video on YouTube, he had this to say, “If you are going to pick [up] your dog’s toy in the dark, make sure it’s not a live rattlesnake! Thankfully my wife Carla was not bit, but she needs to work on running away skills!” And how!

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I won’t ruin it for you. You need to see it for yourself, because it’s actually a little hard to describe, but it's pretty hysterical. Watch the video and tell us in the comment section below how you’d best describe Carla’s departure. We’d love to hear your take on it.