These authentic wolf howl ringtones from the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem NY put the leader of the pack in your back pocket.  

Wolf Howl Ringtones Telecommunicate The Call Of The Wild

Wanna say howl-oh to your little friends and support wolves and wolf education at the same time? Sure, we'll bite... and thank the Wolf Conservation Center (maybe that be the Wolf Conversation Center) of South Salem, NY for the opportunity.

Staff at the WCC recorded distinctive wolf howls from their three Ambassador Wolves – Alawa, Zephyr, and Nikai – and made them available for downloading at the low, low cost of just $4.99 per ringtone. Available for either Apple or Android phones, each ringtone lasts from 16 to 33 seconds – more than enough time to clear the dog park or give overly aggressive cats their marching orders.  

Wolf Howl Ringtones Telecommunicate The Call Of The Wild

Meanwhile, your payment to the WCC, a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization, contributes to their ongoing (since 1999) efforts to protect and preserve wolves in North America through science-based education, advocacy, and participation in federal wolf recovery and release programs.

So smile: you might not be on canid camera but you've done your bit to bring some of nature's most majestic creatures back from the brink of extinction. Visit the WCC online store, test out the three wolf ringtones, and download your choice. You'll wonder howl you ever got by without one. (images via and Lily Gicker)