The crew at Tuff Enuff have decades of experience creating soft, cuddly and extremely durable dog toys, so why invest in wimpy toys when you can give your destructive pooch a Wobble?

Tuff Enuff’s signature series of toys are the Wobbles, the six cutest ultra Tuff plushies that your best friend has ever sunk her teeth into. Wobbles are stitched in several layers using industrial grade material, along with a cushiony plush decorative top layer for extra stability. The cherry on top is how the toy’s EverSqueak crush-proof squeaker will continue to hold your pup’s attention for ages.


Each of the Wobble designs, (Lion, Hippo, Gorilla, Giraffe, Rhino and Elephant), is available in 5” and 8” tall sizes. This makes picking out your favorite African animal and the appropriately sized Wobble a piece of cake for any pet owner. If there’s something that I’ve learned about keeping Jessie, my golden retriever pal, happy with toys, it’s that you really need to plunk down a few extra bucks or do your research to find the most heavy-duty toys on the market. I save money in the long run, she’s entertained with her Tuff toy and we both get to kick a giraffe around the house for fun. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!



Some of the other treasures in Tuff Enuff’s toy chest include their series of Dangles, Classic styled toys and exceptionally soft toys for small breeds. Since the Tuff Enuff team knows how to make a toy as cute as it is rugged, I am curious to see what new innovative designs are on the horizon.

Click here to bring home your own Tuff Enuff Wobble!

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