Here's a gnaws flesh: when woodchucks attack, it's best to chuck the remote and call the local po-lice for backup, aid and free floor repairs.

Wisconsin Man Relaxing On Sofa Attacked By Angry Woodchuck

It's not often that wildlife and domestic life clash but when they do, it happens in the bucolic burg of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, pop 16,214 (as of 2010). This particular incident occurred on the evening of January 3rd at roughly 10:30pm, roughly preceding a frantic call from a distraught resident.

As stated later in a briefing from the Dodge County Sheriff’s Dept., the man “was sitting on his couch when he was nearly bit by a woodchuck.” Deputies were dispatched to a home on Kellom Road where they met with the shaken survivor but were unable to pinpoint the purported perpetrator, presumably on parole from Punxsutawney, PA. The woodchuck above, though obviously angry, is not considered to be a suspect. 

Dodge County (WI) Sheriff’s Dept. patrol car

Beaver Dam is located in southeastern Wisconsin and its main claim to fame is the annual Cabin Fever Fest held on the fourth Sunday of January. That said, this startling and bizarre woodchuck attack might just supersede the aforementioned event should word of the irritable and peckish groundhog spread virally. Like, if this isn't a prime example of cabin fever, what is?

But we digress... now back to the scene of the “crime” on Kellom Road. It should be mentioned that the deputies sent to the home did provide some assistance to the owner by helping him repair the hole in his floor that presumably offered the woodchuck an ingress/egress point. How nice of them! Recall, though, that the briefing stated “the animal was not located”. Great Scott, it could still be inside the house! Stay tuned for a potential Part Two to this story: “When Wisconsin Woodchucks Overstay Their Welcome”. (via Daily Dodge)