Got a monkey on your back? Want one? This winter weather onesie for dogs features an adorable imitation monkey attached to the back because... well, if you were a monkey outside in the winter, the first thing you'd do is jump onto a dog's back and hang on for dear life!

The audacious outfit comes in red, blue or gold trimmed with a contrasting polka-dot pattern around the torso. The faux monkey retains the same “natural” appearance regardless of your color choice.

Online retailer Chong Yi Pet Supplies features this interesting dog outfit at their store on Taobao, China's largest internet mall. Sizes range from 8 (for 2-3 pound dogs) up to 18 (for 12-16 pound dogs) though the clothing is probably more appropriate for pets at the lower size range.

As for the dog modeling the winter weather onesie... something odd's going on there but we can't quite put our finger on it. It's like the dog's got a monkey on its back or something.