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One of a cat's favorite activities is looking out the window. Some get mesmerized watching birds, kids playing ball, or people walking their dogs... but eventually cats get bored and take a nap or start scratching the pad on the window seat.

I've been looking for window toys that cats can bat around for a change of pace, and I found just a few toys that are made specifically for that, attaching to the window with suction cups.  There's even a well-reviewed cat perch that takes window play seriously, the AWOOF Pet Cat Hammock Window Perch Set, that comes with a pink and blue pair of mice on springs that attach to suction cups.


AWOOF Pet Cat Hammock Window Perch Set

AWOOF Pet Cat Hammock Window Perch Set


Of course, you don't want to purchase this set just for the toys, but the Awoof happens to be a modestly priced, but well-outfitted window perch, and it's well-reviewed.

At 21 by 13 inches, I'd say there's plenty of room for two small cats or one medium-size cat. The manufacturer states the platform holds up to 30 pounds, but I would advise keeping it to 20 pounds.

The package comes with everything you need to set up the perch. It contains what most manufacturers would consider extras - an extra suction cup, a breathable oxford mat for summer and and a soft fleece blanket to top it in the winter (both are machine washable) and, of course, the pair of mice spring toys.


AWOOF Pet Cat Hammock Window Perch Set

AWOOF Pet Cat Hammock Window Perch Set


The Perch is reportedly very easy to set up; you can find the instructions below and on its Amazon listing.

1. Check all contents (2 u-shape pipes / 2 straight pipes/ 1 pieces of oxford cloth/ 5 suction cups/ 2 mice toys/ 1 blanket)
2. Connect u-shape pipes and straight pipes
3. Pass the rope through the hole in the Oxford cloth
4. Put the tube in the Oxford cloth cover
5. Assemble all suction cups
6. Clean the suction cups and window
7. Stick on the window tightly(press hard on the center of the sucker), finished!


AWOOF Pet Cat Hammock Window Perch Set


Now, the most important thing you can do to insure the stability of the Awoof, as well as any other cat sill, is clean your windows thoroughly before attaching the suction cups. Then, warm up the suction cups a little, either by holding them in your hands for awhile, or by putting them in warm water. If you choose the latter option, make sure the cups are not even a bit damp when you place them. So the cups should be warm and dry.

Once attached to the window, I would wait a day or two before hanging the perch, just to make sure the suction cups haven't popped off the window. In that case, you will have to repeat steps 5 to 7. Maybe press harder on the suction cups this time.

Awoof suggests that you re-set the Cat Hammock Perch weekly. I like that idea as that will give you confidence that your cat won't tip off.


Now, here are a few additional window-attaching toys that you might consider adding to your cat's window set-up.

These are the Flosky Cat Teaser Feather Chicks! They hang from a suction rubber roll that allows your cat to pull down either chick and bat it around.


Flosky Cat Teaser Feather

Flosky Cat Teaser Feather Chicks


These trackballs look like fun! The K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Track n' Roll can be placed on any window and even on most appliances. Both balls roll from one end to the other when your cat bats them, but only if you mount the track evenly, or they will tilt to one side. Customers like the device, but they complain about the suction cups. If you purchase this Track n' Roll, you may have to invest in some other, stronger, suction cups.


K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Track n' Roll

K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Track n' Roll


One cat fascination is that window toys, at some point in the day, reflect in the window, so they can swat both the actual toys and their reflections! (Cats do love to have fun!)


That's the buzz for today!

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