BONAWEN Dog Easy Wear Dog Towel

BONAWEN Dog Easy Wear Dog Towel


Whether it's a beach, a pool, or a pond, dogs love a swim or a dunk in the cool water just like we do. And for that they need their own special beach towels especially suited to dry their fur quickly down to their skin when they're soaking wet.

One hundred percent microfiber, the BONAWEN Dog Easy Wear Dog Towel doubles as a classy robe with belt and hood, perfect for a relaxing sit at poolside. But don't let the handsome styling fool you, the Easy Wear Dog Towel is thick and it dries well. While the pretty velour-looking side faces out, the underside is a thicker fabric which soaks up water fast.


Bonawen Dog Easy Wear Dog Towel


Microfiber seems to be one of the best fabrics to get pets dry, and the BONAWEN Dog does dry fast, one customer reporting that by the time her dog manages to get out of the robe, he is dry! (Sounds like my dog.)

The BONAWEN Dog Easy Wear Towel comes in extra small to extra large in back lengths from 12 inches to 29 inches. Colors are blue and brown (shown below on a cat - who should not be hanging around at a pool or beach, and is rarely seen after a bath).


BONAWEN Dog Easy Wear Dog Towel

BONAWEN Dog Easy Wear Towel


The Bonawen is a good quality product that looks good too, so if you're into pet fashion it's a must have for a wet pet!


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