Will April The Giraffe Deliver In April?

If you haven’t heard about her before now, it’s a bit surprising, since this story has been developing for over a year. And when I say ‘developing’ I’m talking literally — because 15 months is the length of time it takes for a giraffe to deliver a newborn.

The now world-famous giraffe named April has captivated tens of millions from around the globe who have been checking in via her live cam to see how she is faring, leading up to her delivery. Although Mama is in the final stage of her pregnancy and  could virtually enter into labor at any moment, it is not actually known when April’s little one will make her guest appearance?

Room at the Inn . . .

In April’s case the room at the inn is a giraffe pen at Animal Adventure Park, the upstate New York zoo located in Harpursville, a rural hamlet, 130 miles northwest of New York City. This will be the first born at this particular facility and the fourth for April.

Some felt the momentous occasion was about to happen, when more than 135,000 viewers tuned into the live stream shortly before 8 a.m. ET on April 7th. The catalyst for that event was when April started twitching her tail, while pacing around her pen, head to the ground. The baby giraffe’s father Oliver [who is ten years younger than April] appeared to be very concerned. He was caught on the cam that hour peaking over the top bar of his pen to catch a better glimpse of the long-necked beauty who will deliver his first baby. But alas, it was a false alarm!


For those wishing to sponsor and support these giraffes — April, Oliver, and their expected calf - you can contribute here.

The funds generated will be used to offset their annual care at the zoo.  All monies, above and beyond the goal, will be dedicated to improvements of the new Giraffe Encounter Deck, Shade Stations in the exhibit, Energy Efficient upgrades to their barn, and the installation of a permanent Giraffe Cam at Animal Adventure.

Presently this fund-raising initiative [as of this post] has tallied $121,124, with an initial goal of $50,000 goal.

So readers, what is your best guess as to when April will deliver? Will that birth take place this month, or might it slip into May? Comment below and let us know your best guess. The person with the closest date and time will get bragging rights and will be mentioned in my next blog post.

Additionally, April’s website will conduct a contest for viewers to name the male or female calf once it arrives. What is your choice for a name? Remember, April is already taken, and actually if it's a male, it just wouldn't be appropriate!