'Tis the season to go nutty! Hundreds of rescued squirrels at the Carolina Wildlife Center will dine well this winter thanks to generous folks who went “nuts” in response to the CWC's call for in-kind donations.

Wildlife Sanctuary Calls For Food Donations And Responders Go Nuts

“EMERGENCY... We have run out of ACORNS!,” is not a cry for help one hears – or in this case, reads – every day. Then again, November 21st wasn't an average day, even for the Carolina Wildlife Center. “We have run out of acorns at the Center,” elaborated the message posted at the CWC's Facebook account. “We have taken in more than 900 squirrels this year and they have wiped out our nut stash.” Yep, 900 squirrels will do that if you're not careful, or even if you ARE careful. Squirrels gonna nom nuts, amiright?

Give the Columbia, South Carolina-based charitable organization props, however, for knowing the power of social media in modern society and exploiting its pervasive reach. Within three short days, dozens of generous and caring folks had harvested a mother lode of acorns... one advantage humans have is they can carry storage bags instead storing nuts in their cheeks.  

Wildlife Sanctuary Calls For Food Donations And Responders Go Nuts

By November 24th, CWC staffers had to post another message on the topic, this time asking people to STAHP with the nuts already. “Wow! We are blown away by the amazing response we received from our plea for acorns!,” gushed Helen Dyar, Operations Coordinator at the CWC. “We now have enough acorns to get us through Spring! Our freezers are packed and we still have a swimming pool full! Thank you so much!!! The little flying squirrel pictured didn't quite know what to do with himself. We imagine he thought he was in an acorn ball pit!” Hey, he didn't choose the nut life, the nut life chose him.

“We will also be sharing some with other rehab organizations in the area,” stated Dyar, because sharing one's bounty is akin to sharing a blessing. The Carolina Wildlife Center, by the way, is a non-profit organization that rehabilitates injured and orphaned wildlife and reintroduces these creatures back into their natural environment. While their nut issues have been addressed for the foreseeable future, you can still lend a helping hand. The CWC accepts non-nut donations from their Amazon wish list as well as monetary donations via their website.