cat treats
I'm waiting...

We usually think of treats as mere indulgences or it's our go-to for alleviating the guilt we feel after being gone all day. Some of us do it with cats just to gain their affection, but there are actually other reasons for spoiling our finicky friends.

Below are a list of reasons why you should be willing to dole out the good stuff beyond the ones we usually give for busting out the treat jar.

Feline Oral Hygiene

Let's face it, brushing your cat's teeth is a whole lot tougher than brushing a dog's teeth, and that's no walk in the park either. Giving your cats dental treats with their firm surface can help reduce plaque and tartar.

Reducing Stress in Cats

Treats are also another good way to help reduce stress in cats. A lot of times cats can become even more finicky about eating after experiencing an injury or when they're recovering from an illness. Offering up a soft treat during times like this can encourage them to take part in eating when they need it most.

Training Using Treats

Just like with dogs, treat training is useful with cats as well. Training through the use of treats is actually a successful positive re-enforcement technique. It can be used when you're trying to teach your cat to do any number of things, like staying off the kitchen table or counter tops, using the litter box or in order to keep them from clawing furniture.

Mixing it Up

Treats are another way to keep things fresh and alleviate food boredom from the same old ho-hum menu they're served. Aside from their normal healthy diet, a little variety is a pleasant change of pace for everyone. Even if you had the opportunity to eat fillet mignon or lobster every day, would you want to? No matter what you might think, it would get old quick.

Regardless of your reasons for giving your cat treats, remember to keep the portions small and intermittent, or you could end up with a tubby tabby on your hands.