For people of the Jewish faith the High Holy Days are not far away. This
includes Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. If you are one who follows
Judaism, um, well, religiously, you may want to start the new year
right  This could that it is time to train your dog.  The book "How to
Raise a Jewish Dog"
could be just what you are looking for, especially
if your dog is Jewish and you are not.

How to Raise a Jewish DogHow to Raise a Jewish Dog

How do you know if your dog is Jewish? Well, that is a tough one. If your dog is known to kvetch, plotz, shvitz, or demonstrate any other Yiddish verbs your dog may be Jewish. If your dog has the mastery of guilt to get you to do things your dog may be Jewish. If your dog has expressed a desire to become a veterinarian, accountant, or rabbi then your dog may be Jewish.

The "Rabbis" of the "Boca Raton Theological Seminary" got together in that Hebrew Holy Land in the United States -- Florida -- to come up with the guidelines for raising your dog as a Jew. Now, to be honest, neither you nor your dog need be Jewish to get a kick out of this hilarious volume. 

Dog in Yarmulke and TallisDog in Yarmulke and Tallis

Image via DogTime

If your dog is a quick study then it may be ready for its Bark Mitzvah in time for the holidays. If not then Hanukkah is on deck next. To be ready for that you may want to buy your dog its yarmulke and tallis now while you are thinking of it. This will really allow your dog to blend in seamlessly with the family and really get in touch with its Jewish identity.

To order "How to
Raise a Jewish Dog," click here. To order a Dog Yarmulke and Tallis, click here.

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