Kong Zoom GroomKong Zoom GroomWho would have thought that a thick-pronged rubber brush would be an effective furrier for a cat.  It sure was for mine.  Kong's Zoom Groom is not just effective; it's a cat treat!

My cat loves it and she'll whirl around my legs every morning, loosening all that fur on my jeans until I brush her. And when I do, it's non-stop purr, rolling from side to side and positioning herself in such ways to make sure I reach every spot. She hasn't been a fan of any brush until I purchased Kong's Zoom Groom and, frankly, I had my doubts about it.  Were it not for Amazon's customer reviews, I wouldn't have purchased it.

Now, the FURminator has very high ratings by Amazon customers also... and I did purchase it earlier this year, but I returned it right after the first use.  First, it scared my cat out of her mind!  I understood why, as I felt it actually pulling fur from her skin.  Sure, it caught the loose fur... and then some.

The Zoom Groom is just perfect at less than half the price of a FURminator.  If you use it 'against the grain' first, and then in the direction of fur growth, you'll get all the loose fur, and you'll have a cat that's truly happy to be groomed.  


Kong Zoom GroomKong Zoom Groom

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