The sharp-looking and smartly-designed Duo Bowl from Zee.Dog shows that cats can have a place at the dinner table too.

Duo Bowl from Zee.Dog

A cat bowl from Zee.Dog, the company known far and wide for their dog accessories? How good could that be? VERY good, as a matter of fact! While it's true that the CAT section of Zee.Dog's website is limited compared to their voluminous listing of DOG items, the company appears to put just as much care and concern into their cat stuff as they do for their dog accessories.

Duo Bowl for cats from Zee.Dog

Case in point: the Duo Bowl we're featuring here today. Each food bowl consists of an inner non-stick dish paired with a stylishly grooved (dare we say, “groovy”?) rubber base that comes in your choice of olive green, terracotta or black. The base keeps the dish from sliding around on most any floor type from fluffy shag carpet to shiny ceramic tile.

Duo Bowl for cats from Zee.Dog

The bowls are designed to be whisker-friendly and they're top rack dishwasher safe.  Being an official Zee.Dog product, the Duo Bowl features Zee.Dog's too-cool-for-obedience-school Dog Skull logo at the inside center of the bowl and on the rubber base.

Duo Bowl for cats from Zee.Dog

If your cat looks at you questioningly the first time you fill its new Duo Bowl, tell it not to worry and chow down – they just might grow up to be a great big dog! For more information and ordering instructions, please visit the Cat Bowls page at Zee.Dog online.