​Pet Peppy 2 Side Expandable Pet Carrier (with tunnel)

Pet Peppy 2-Side Expandable Pet Carrier (with tunnel)


The latest trend in pet carriers is expandability, and some airlines are even accepting these soft-sided carriers in cabin sections of the plane.

I admit to having snoozed right through this revolution in the pet carrier industry. It was a recent advertisement from Amazon in my email that featured one of these expandable carriers that caught my attention and, when I clicked through, I found dozens of expandable pet carriers on the Amazon website  and saw that most of them have very high customer ratings.

So what's the big deal about these carriers? It turns out that the expandable pet carriers have certain things in common with each other:

  • They are soft-sided and lightweight.
  • They are intended for small to medium sized pets.
  • The expansions are meant to be used only when your pet is at rest in the carrier, not while you are carrying him.
  • They provide room for your pet to stretch and move around if you're waiting at the vet's office or driving in the car, and maybe even in an airplane.
  • They provide a 'safe space' for your pet in the home when he is not feeling well or simply wants to be removed from other activity. You can place your pet's favorite pillow and/or toy inside the expandable carriers for an additional homey feel.


What are the selling points that differentiate them?

  • The carriers may expand on one, two, three, or four sides.
  • Some soft-sided carriers have special floor linings, like leak proof fabric or plush floor mats.
  • The number of entrances, or side and top entrances.
  • Airline approvals. (Caveat: Though the manufacturer may advertise that its carriers are airline approved, in reality they may or may not be right due to consistent changes in airline policies. If you want to find out for sure if any carrier is accepted in cabin or baggage sections, you will need to call the airline directly.)


There are a few dozen expandable pet carriers on Amazon.com. The two I cover below - the Petsfit Expandable Travel Pet Carrier and the Petsfit Expandable Travel Pet Carrier - are the two most popular on the site, but all of the carriers are highly rated and look, frankly, like they've been cut from the same mold.


Pet Peppy 2-Side Expandable Pet Carrier (With or without tunnel)


Pet Peppy 2-Side Expandable Pet Carrier (with tunnel)

Pet Peppy 2-Side Expandable Pet Carrier (with tunnel)


Dogs like tunnels, but cats love them, and this carrier offers a special place to hide when the Pet Peppy 2-Side Expandable Pet Carrier is open. With or without the tunnel (you can purchase it either way) the Pet Peppy is the most popular expandable carrier on Amazon.

With side and top entry, the Pet Peppy Expandable Pet Carrier expands on two sides and provides lots of air and plenty of visibility to your pet when expanded. Visibility makes your pet feel more comfortable, and its very possible that she might want to stay in it even when she's not in transit. 

In transport, the Pet Peppy 2-Side Expandable Pet Carrier "gets compact" for carrying, and appears, for the most part, like any other pet carrier. It can be carried on your shoulder or suitcase-style, in your hand. It has a special fitting for a seat belt.  It also folds up flat when not in use. Customers are pleased with the carrier's sturdy floor that is covered in a plushy material for the comfort of your pet.


Pet Peppy 2-Side Expandable Pet Carrier


Though the manufacturer specifies that the Pet Peppy Carrier holds a pet up to 14 pounds, that depends on your 14-pounder. Focus as much on the measurements of your pet as her weight. A small 14 pound dog might work out fine in the bag, but if she's taller than 11 inches, the Pet Peppy is not for her. The carrier is 17.5 inches long when closed.

I thought that the mesh openings might be vulnerable to cats, and some cat owners report that their cats did tear the mesh fabric, but most cat owners reported that their cats weren't able to tear the mesh or didn't try.

The Pet Peppy 2-Side Expandable Pet Carrier is the most popular expandable pet carrier on Amazon with very positive reviews. At current writing, it is accepted in the cabin (under the seat) of several airlines, but do update that information every time you consider flying. The Carrier is covered by a 1-year money back guarantee.


 Petsfit Expandable Travel Pet Carrier


Petsfit Expandable Travel Pet Carrier

Petsfit Expandable Travel Pet Carrier (one expansion)


The Petsfit Carrier is also very popular and receives great reviews. You can purchase the Petsfit carrier with either one expansion (see above) or two expansions (see below) and in two sizes. The smaller size is 18 x 11 x 11 inches, and the medium size is 19 x 12 x 12 inches. Again, the size and shape of your pet may be more applicable than weight, up to a point. Some airlines allow the Petsfit in the cabin for under seat storage, but call the airline first to check for sure.  Pet parents report that if they remove the metal stays in the carrier, they can be 'squashed' under airline seats, but you would have to make sure you're not squashing your pet.  Airplanes have different seat configurations and sizes, so everything depends on the airline and airplane you are on.

If the size of your carrier fits under the seat, then your pet should be able to enjoy the expansive openings getting a chance to stretch out and see out too.


Petsfit Expandable Travel Pet Carrier

Petsfit Expandable Travel Pet Carrier (two-expansion)


The Petsfit Expandable Travel Pet Carriers are touted for their quality. Strong mesh, strong straps, soft floors, and hardy hardware, as well as comfy floors are the prime positive comments on the carriers.


Whether you choose the Pet Peppy 2-Side Expandable Pet Carrier, the Petsfit Expandable 1 or 2-side Travel Pet Carrier, or you pick one of the other favored expandable pet carriers, I don't think you can go wrong - unless you are using the carrier for airline travel, and that will depend on the specific airline 1) policy and 2) size of the available under-seat space in front of you.

Here's a great resource page for traveling with pets: USA Today


That's the buzz for today!

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