Which "Animal" Will Take The GOT Throne?

Now into its eighth and final HBO season, the Game of Thrones, which debuted on April 14, 2019, we're finally going to find out the ultimate fate of Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen [aka Khaleesi], Tyrion Lannister and the remaining cast of characters that populate this widely popular fictional series. As they clashed, slashed, trashed and slashed their way to their ultimate goal — namely the Iron Throne — their brutal savagery is reminiscent of the ferocious animals displayed on their banners.

The animals representing the primary houses vying for the throne are all deadly combatants in war. All were chosen because they epitomized four of the most deadly and fierce predators in the animal kingdom.

Face-off between a Lion, Stag, Wolf and Dragon

Which one is really the biggest and baddest of them all? If we matched them up, toe-to-toed, which one would be the last one standing in the ultimate face-off? Would it be the House of Stark's Dire Wolf, Lannister's Lion, Bartheon's Stag or Khaleesi's Dragons?

According to biologist Katie Hinde, an associate professor at Arizona State University, "overcoming a dragon — which far outclasses this field in size, strength and defense — is the biggest obstacle for all of the other animals."

One opportunity the other animals would have is if Khaleesi's dragons just lost the will to fight. For instance, in the TV series, it is apparent the dragons are strongly bonded to their "mother," Khaleesi. One of them might abandon a battle if their mother went missing for some reason.

Another consideration might come down to the dragons' energy level. Dragons require a lot of food to fuel their flight and fire production. If food is lacking, hunger could become a major consideration, as to their willingness to engage in combat — or merely their ability to physically do so.

Aside from the Dragons . . .

As far as the others fighting amongst themselves, a stag might be able to overcome a dire wolf and lion with its antlers. With that said, a stag is really the only competitor who could potentially defeat the dragon -— when and if, the dragon hasn't maintained sufficient food intake.

However, overall, the dragons have the most going for themselves. "They've got incredible armor, they can fly and they have fire, which gives them the capacity to do damage from a distance," Hinde said. "That's always going to be really tricky to defeat."

So let's reconvene after the series finally concludes to see if the final battles end up being fought by the animals, and if so if Khaleesi or Jon Snow's animals are the victors. After all — the two have fallen in love, and they just might want to share the throne with each other and their animals? What do you think readers?  Are you GOT fans? If so, comment below and let us know your thoughts?

Primary Source: Live Science