Don't let your dog drool all over your guests. When visitors drop by, dress him in The Wipe It!

The Wipe It!

The Wipe It!


This clever product catches your pet's own drool, drops, and drips, so you can be saved the embarrassment of your friends staring at the big wet spot on their pants. And then there's your wood or tile floors that are loaded with drop spots too....

The Wipe It! was developed by All Four Paws, a company out of Los Angeles that specializes in functional neck and body coverings for dogs. Yes, you read it right, All Four Paws' dog accessories are functional.

What first got my attention was The Wipe It!, an elegant solution to dog drool or big dog water slurp and many other messy stuff dogs make happen.

Wipe It!

The Wipe It!


It's made of a terry material that's very absorbent, machine washable, and elasticized at top and bottom. It comes in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. In this video, The Wipe It! is demonstrated:



The Wipe It! can also come in handy for groomers and vets, as it can be worn over the head to protect their ears and facial areas, and it can keep their coats clean after a "new do." When The Wipe It! gets wet, you can just move it around your dog's neck until you reach a dry spot.

For a look at more of All Four Paws functional and protective neck and body wear, visit this page.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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