While you may not be planning to travel in the near future, take a look at this ingenious dog suitcase now, because as soon as we're all "on the road again," you will want this in your pup's repertoire.


Folding Travel Dog Bed

Spruce Pup Folding Travel Dog Bed (Large)


A soft, but supportive memory foam bed with a slight bolstering around the sides provides a sound sleeping area for your dog and it substitutes as a carrier for your pup's toys and any clothing she might want to take along in case of bad weather. 

The mattress cover is zippered to the bed and can be unzipped for easy washing. 

When you're ready to travel with your dog, pack her bag, fold it, and zip it up. Ah, how easy it is for to pack for your dog!



Folding Travel Dog Bed

Spruce Pup Folding Travel Dog Bed (3 sizes)


Along the outsides of the Folding Travel Dog Bed are pockets for leashes, poop bags, and what nots to fulfill your dog's needs while on the road.


Folding Travel Dog Bed

Spruce Pup Folding Travel Dog Bed  (Small)


The dimensions of these Travel Dog Beds are 

  • Size S (19" x 26" open; 19" x 13" closed)
  • Sizes M (26" x 34" open; 26" x 17" closed)
  • L (34" x 44" open; 34" x 22" closed)


I'm sure you'll be glad to have the Spruce Pup Folding Travel Dog Bed Folding Travel Dog Bed for when you get rollin' again with your pup! It is available from In The Company Of Dogs and Amazon.com.


That's the buzz for today!

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