If this image doesn't make clear how much a dog loves her HuggleHound, nothing will.

HuggleLuxx Dog Bone

HuggleHound HuggleLuxx Dog Bone


HuggleHounds makes a lot of cozy dog toys. It uses different fabrics for different styles, including natural fabrics, HuggleFleece®, and HuggleLuxx™. The above HuggleLuxx Bone clearly produces something akin to nirvana for "Prudence," an Italian bred dog with a love of the squeak as great as Pavarotti's love for Puccini. 

The HuggleLuxx Dog Bone looks like a 'softie' your tough dog might chew up in 30 seconds. It's delightfully soft and cushy on the outside, but tough on the inside. Even the squeaker is long-lasting, guaranteed to keep squeaking even if your dog is the type that tries to 'kill' it!

Machine washable, this tough toy keeps its soft exterior and comfort for a long time. It's a great toy and comfortable pillow for your dog that comes in fawn (above), gray, and mink, like the HuggleLuxx Balls below sold by In The Company Of Dogs.


HuggleLuxx Balls (large)

HuggleLuxx Balls (large)


HuggleLuxx Dog Balls come in small and large sizes. Small is 4" in diameter and large is 8". They are made with the same luxurious synthetic fabric as the bone and contain the same tough interior to resist tough chewers.


HuggleLuxx Dog Ball

HuggleLuxx Ball (large)


In times of need, HuggleLuxx will be there for your dog!


That's the buzz for today!

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