You're probably never going to see a shark in Iowa outside of an
aquarium. These cool and fun Shark Corn Holders are just about as close
as you are likely to get.

Shark Corn HoldersShark Corn Holders

As if fresh corn on the cob isn't fun enough to eat in the summer these holders just add to the party! This time -- well -- we're gonna need a bigger plate. Each set contains four pairs of the toothy denizens of the deep to keep your fingers cool while you butter up and take a shark-sized bite out of summer. 

Shark Corn HoldersShark Corn Holders

Naturally, this can lead to corny conversations loaded with fish puns -- "there's something fishy about this corn," "it cod be worse!" and my personal favorite "you did that on porpoise!"

To order your own Shark Corn Holders, click here.

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