One thing we know about cats is that they always want more of a good thing.  Unlike dogs, who are pretty un-demanding when it come to play things, cats are always bored with what they have.  And when cats get bored... watch out for your house.  Welcome to HUGE - the jungle gym cat tree that satisfies a cat's inner beast.


 Huge Cat Tree: by GoPetClubHuge Cat Tree: by GoPetClub


Now wait.  Before you start thinking this cat tree is too expensive, I'll grant you that $200 is a lot of money these days, but not for a HUGE cat jungle gym/tree/condo such as this.  Two years ago you would not be able to buy a cat condo half this size for $200.  The actual price on the HUGE is $500 but this, like much of the cat furniture I've seen on Amazon lately, has been marked down drastically.

If you have an active cat, or multiple active cats, I think the HUGE cat gym is a good buy. It's got 18 levels for your cat to climb, 2 houses to hide in, 2 baskets to sleep in, 4 cradles in which to perch... plus 10 sisal covered posts at different levels, and many carpet covered posts, hammocks, ropes, and ladders.

GoPetClub designed the gym and it has a good reputation for creating cat gyms with quality materials and that are easy to assemble.  Let's hope 'easy to assemble' applies to this massive beast of cat furniture.

Ah yes, you have to have a place to put HUGE, don't you?  Well, if HUGE is too huge, check out the other good buys in cat furniture these days at


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