Dialeesi Laser Pointer For Cats

Dialeesi Laser Pointer For Cats


There are several automated laser toys for cats on the market. They are fancier and pricier than hand-held cat laser toys, but they just don't get the cat ratings. Hand-held laser toys get higher marks from customers and here's why....

I'll choose Dialeesi Laser Pointer to illustrate how much more reliable and versatile the hand-held laser toys are, but there are several other brands that are also good and that stand behind their products.

Hand-held laser pointers have come a long way. You can still buy a cheapo which lasts for a few uses, but for just a few dollars more, around $10, a reliable laser pointer will give you a few years of fun with your cat as well as other activities you may not have considered.

One advancement that I love is that the pointer is operated by a switch, which means you don't have to hold a button down to keep the light on!

The Dialeesi and some others come with a red and white light, plus a UV light, which you can use together or separately for other uses besides playing with your cat. Say, for example, you are giving a presentation... You can use the red light to highlight the visuals in your presentation.

Use the white light as a flashlight when you are looking for something on the floor of your car.

You can even use the The UV light to spot counterfeit money, dog urine, pet stains and more.


Dialeesi Laser Pointer

Dialeesi Laser Pointer For Cats


Depending on how you use these laser pointers, your pointer can have a long life. This is not the reported case with automatic versions of laser pointers.

Notice the USB charger, so you can charge the Pointer more conveniently than with an electric charger and you don't have to worry about changing batteries. The Dialeesi has three LED types: 3 Modes (red light+ white flashlight +UV light) and a lifetime of 10,000 hours.

You can charge the Dialeesi for 10 minutes or give it the full 1.5 hour charge and it will last for a week of use until the next charge or three hours straight.


Dialeesi Laser Pointer

Dialeesi Laser Pointer


It's neat that your cat's laser toy can be very useful to her human, but getting back to your kitty, face it, there's nothing like interacting with her and she just won't get that with an automatic laser toy, which doesn't do much for human/feline bonding and also becomes predictable. Your hand-held can be used anywhere and conveniently and where that beam lands is always a surprise for your cat.

One thing I used to worry about is a laser beam being harmful to a cat's eyes. You should never aim a laser or any other light in a pet's eyes, but it reassures me that at least Dialeesi uses 1-5 milliwatts of power in its pointers, which is not harmful for human or pet eyes. Dialeesi states that the best range for the light is between 30 and 50 feet and that the light should just be used indoors.


Dialeesi Laser Pointer for Cats

Dialeesi Laser Pointer For Cats



For around 10 bucks you can purchase a Dialeesi Laser Pointer and delight both you and your cat. The company stands behind its product and it even provides a free squeaky mouse toy for your cat to go along with the Pointer.


Other laser pointers for cats you might want to consider are the M JJYPET Rechargeable Cat Laser Pointer, the QPEY Interactive Laser Pointer Toy, and the Animmo 2X Cat Light Pointers.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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