When Dogs Look Human

There's been a long-standing old adage that many pet owners look like their dogs. The phenomenon has been well documented. Behaviorists have frequently found dogs who look like their owners at a greater rate than just merely chance. Perhaps we are drawn to pups that resemble us. Perhaps they are drawn to us.

In a study of female college students, those with longer hair judged flop-eared dogs—spaniels, beagles—to be more attractive, friendly, and intelligent than dogs with pointy ears; [while] women with shorter hair concluded the opposite

But what about a dog looking more human than canine? Not necessarily looking like his owner, but just generally looking human?


Yogi, a 1-year-old Shih-poo (cross breed between a Shih Tzu and a Poodle) owned by Chantal Desjardins, has been hailed as a dog that more human than canince.

When pics of Yogi started appearing online, there was something about his eyes and pouty lips that struck a very ‘human’ demeanor — and as a result went viral on the Internet.

"The crazy part is, I shared it on my Facebook back in December and it was just put on Reddit last week," Desjardins told ABC News of the popular pic of her pup.

Desjardins said media outlets then started sharing the picture "and it got crazy really fast."

The odd thing is that while social media circles seems convinced of Yogi's human appearance, Desjardins doesn't see it.

"But I get why people see it in some pictures," she added. Even one of Desjardins' close friends told her Yogi bears a striking resemblance to the actor Zach Galifianakis. This led Sian Welby, aka as @Sianwelby to post this tweet.

When Dogs Look Human


Desjardins said she "wasn't expecting" the reactions and has "never had so many people reach out" to her on her social networks.


Of course, skeptics have their own thoughts on the issue. Many think the photos have been retouched to achieved this human-like look. Some critics of Yogi criticize that his features have to have been photoshopped. However, Desjardins shot down the haters and confirmed that he they were 100 percent authentic, even if she doesn’t see it herself.

What do you think? Might the DNA of Canis familiaris and Homo sapiens have crossed over somewhere down that evolutionary trail? Might that old adage, you “sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas” have some meaning to it after all? Might not be too far from the truth, don't you think. dear readers? Take Topher Trophy and Rosenberg, for instance.

When Dogs Look Human

Primary Source: ABC News