There are many animals associated with the arrival of spring -- bunnies,
chicks, ducklings, and, of course, lambs. Without adult sheep there
would be no lambs. So celebrate spring and the circle of life with this
cool Sheep Infinity Scarf.

Sheep Infinity ScarfSheep Infinity Scarf

Like the annual cycles we all live within, the scarf is circular. There are no ends to flap in the breeze or catch in the car door. There are a number of ways that this scarf can be worn to dress up a drab outfit. It is the perfect accessory for when you are feeling a bit sheepish. It also comes in a number of colors, including pink, red, blue, and sand, so that you can choose just the right sheep scarf for ewe, er, you.

To order a Sheep Infinity Scarf, click here.

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