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When the flap on your pet door gets old, crackly, and grimy, you may think you have to replace your whole pet door.

First, you wonder if the same exact pet door is still available.  If it is, won’t the holes in the door be too worn to place new screws in them?  If so, should you get a larger pet door?  Maybe a new door for the house would be a good idea; then you could buy a newer style pet door. Or, you could start from scratch and build a whole new house!

Wait a minute.  If this is what your brain is stewing over, you can relax. In an era when component parts are passé, chances are you can find a good replacement flap for your dog or cat door. And then, you won’t have to build a new house.

If you have a Pet Safe Door or an Ideal Pet Door, you can purchase replacement flaps on that fit any of their pet door models. They might fit even some old styles of pet doors that aren’t made any more.  You can also purchase flaps made by Havahart, Pride Rubber, Trixie and others.


Ideal Pet Products Replacement Flap

Ideal Pet Products Replacement Flap/New Style Plastic/Deluxe Pet Door


Don’t give up if you can’t find the exact door flap you need; some of the flaps are customizable, even if they are not advertised as such.  For example, the Ideal Pet Products Replacement Flap/New Style Plastic/Deluxe Pet Door (above) has a measuring chart applicable to generic pet door flaps and, even given those measurements, some customers have been able to trim the flaps, making them fit into their own pet doors.  The product has outstanding reviews on Amazon.


Ideal Pet Door With Telescoping Frame

Ideal Pet Door With Telescoping Frame


Frankly, all of the replacement flaps selling on Amazon have very positive overall reviews. You won't need to chose a product based on the number of stars it got, but on how well it fits your needs, which is the ideal way to make a choice.

You'll find new options in the type of material used in some of the flaps.  Certain flaps, like the Pride Rubber are very heavy, made particularly for bad weather (or to keep strong rats out). The Pride Rubber are very dark and not translucent, so if your pet is skittish about not being able to see outside, these are not for him.  Other styles have more transparent 'panes,' are light weight or heavier. Yet others are double-paned versus single-paned.

Conduct your search carefully before you choose, and you won’t need to make a flap about it.


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