The Host is a great movie.  Really, it is--give it a shot.  It is a
film that combines comedy, monster, action, suspense, and message genres
into a really fun movie.  Essentially you have a critter that is a
tadpole on steroids--and this scene from the film (uploaded by djmexeecan
on April 30, 2008) shows just how much
havoc it can cause.

Be warned--while not horribly graphic, it is intense.  You may not want the little kiddies to see this...

As a cautionary tale about how horribly we treat the environment, The Host is great.  There is no rhyme nor reason behind the creature's menace.  It just exists.  And as a fictitious animal it is wildly believable.

I'm just really happy that it doesn't really exist... yet.  That little "yet"... well, that's what I'm scared about...

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