It's loaded with vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants that you may get from your favorite beer, but unless this supplement is part of your pet's diet, he may not be getting much of it at all.

You've heard of brewer's yeast? Well, though the processing of the yeast is different, the product is essentially the same in beer, bread, and health supplements. This doesn't mean that beer is good for your pets; however, when brewer's yeast is dried, like it is for nutritional support, it is healthy for you and your pets.


NaturVet Brewer’s Dried Yeast Formula with Garlic Flavoring

NaturVet Brewer’s Dried Yeast Formula with Garlic Flavoring


Veterinarians formulated NaturVet Brewers Dried Yeast Formula with Garlic Flavoring to support your dog and cat's health in many ways. The omegas and fatty acids promote general good health, fight infections, and support healthy skin and coats. It is chock-full of B-vitamins, essential for metabolizing practically every nutrient your pet ingests and Omega 3 and 6 to help fight off infections.


NaturVet Brewer’s Dried Yeast Formula with Garlic Flavoring

NaturVet Brewer’s Dried Yeast Formula with Garlic Flavoring


A huge added benefit of Brewers Dried Yeast Formula is that it deters fleas and ticks, totally naturally. Pet parents particularly comment on that aspect of the product. But your pet must be flea-free when you begin using the product.

Reviewers often remark about the health of their pets' skin, fur, and clear eyes!

How do they taste? Well, cats apparently approve, and if that's the case, you know they must be fine for dogs. My cat is always the ultimate taste-tester.

But dogs? One customer says "they are crack for dogs." Another has taught her dog several tricks using the NaturVet Brewer’s Dried Yeast Formula as treats! The treats are, by the way, quite small, about the size of an aspirin.

PetMD notes these contra-indications of Brewer's Yeast for dogs:

  • Because brewer's yeast tablets are administered by weight of your dog, large dogs may require many tablets, and this could result in an upset stomach. "Gas is the most commonly reported side effect in all dogs.
  • Don't give brewer's yeast to dogs that are immunocompromised, "prone to yeast infections or has yeast allergies," or dogs that have colitis or "other types of bowel disease."
  • If your dog is overweight, note that these supplements are high in calories, so you will want to balance that with other factors in your pup's diet.

NaturVet Brewer’s Dried Yeast Formula with Garlic Flavoring


Cats may also have contraindications to brewer's yeast and are more prone to allergies from its ingredients than dogs. So make sure you check with your veterinarian about this supplement and read these Wag notes before considering this product.

As with all supplements, you should check with your veterinarian to make sure there are no contraindications based on the contents of NaturVet Brewers Dried Yeast Formula with Garlic Flavoring.


* The words "Garlic Flavoring" may be bothersome. The listed ingredient is in fact "garlic," not garlic flavoring. The ingredients are 100 percent natural!


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